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Fascia Release Bodywork

Fascia is one of the least known parts of the body – but one of the most important too. Although fascia connects to everything in the body, it was an area that was largely under researched until very recently. It is often described as a connective tissue & is made up on different types of densities and types of formations. It can be divided up into three main categories, the superficial, deep or cutaneous; found within many areas of the body.  Fascia, helps to connect, separate, protect and create fluidity within the body. One of the most important aspects of the fascia; is the manner in which it connects and communicates throughout the body. Healthy fascia will allow the the different parts of the body to move smoothly and in coherence with the different parts. Whereas unhealthy fascia will often result in a lack of fluidity; stiffness and pain.

There are many types of bodywork that can help to promote the health of the fascia. VHT for example, is short for Vibration Human Technique, it is a non-ivasive, non-diagnostic form of bodywork that aims to gently release the build up of tension, injuries or blockages; within specific parts of the body. It works with areas of soft tissue & with the bodies fascia. The equine equivalent of this practice is called Equine Touch. Similar to the Bowen technique that is also used on humans, horses or dogs. The modality aims to stimulate; designated parts of the body, helping to ease muscle injury; increase circulation and to help the body to initiate its inherent ability to heal.


Equine Touch (and its sister companies (Canine Touch (& VHT)) are gentle bodywork systems that work with the fascia; to help the body to re-align from within. So that it is able to perpetuate a higher degree of homeostasis (balance). The technique uses a series of moves; to the muscles, joints, soft tissue and fascia, to help the release of, built-up stagnant energy. To enable it to stimulate the levels of clear flowing “ki”; so that the body is able to connect on an energetic, cellular and physical level. Inciting the fascia to re-align; so that the body is able to re-connect and stimulate enhanced levels of fluidity; once again.

For more information on Equine Touch and the service offered, please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk or click on the link provided. If fascia and animal therapy is of interest, you might also want to find out more about our online video diary. This up and coming new feature will highlight various holistic therapy aspects. As well as documenting the animal therapy services offered including Equine Touch. More information on the holistic therapies online diary can be found within or alternatively, please send an email for further details.