Holistic Health For People and Animals

Because Healing Starts from Within..

Vicky Thompson

There are many forms of holistic therapy. Many of them have roots in antiquity, yet in today’s Western society, we could be forgiven for thinking that holistic therapy is something “new” or even a little out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, when we are at a point in which we endeavour to seek help; when physical or emotional stress, begins to change the way that we feel or act; what options are available to help us to feel better?

Holistic therapy has many guises, these range from Personal Reiki(& Animal Reiki), to Fascia MassageSound Healing, Crystal Therapy, to name but a few. Each distinctive technique has the same objective, to seek homeostasis (re-balance) for the body (and mind) to be able to address the disparities within. Holistic therapy, as the name suggests, aims to look at the wider picture.

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Regardless of whether you are looking to treat your own needs or that of your treasured pet; the concept is virtually the same. Instead of focusing on the purely physical, the processes are geared to opening up our wider realms of consciousness. In opening up connections to our outer self, as well as our inner self, the modalities can readdress the vital energy source, “ki” or flow, within us. In communicating to the wider aspects of our body, as well as the physical, we are then able to transcend into further fields, that touch on our emotional and psychological realms, so that all areas are considered as a comprehensive whole.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”


Holistic healing is a personal journey that is guided by the pace and direction of the individual, within a symbiotic journey. Working within a multitude of levels, the processes aim to sequentially unravel areas of discord, piece by piece. In addressing the areas of imbalance and helping to realign the natural flow; homeostasis is sought. Which in turn, allows the body to activate its own natural healing ability.

Whether you are looking to address the needs of your dog, horse, or animal friend, the treatment offered will be structured to suit your individual requirements. The sessions can be tailored to include Reiki, Sound Healing, or Crystal Therapy as preferred. These elements can also be used to treat our equine friends and can also include a fascia based (Equine touch) massage if required. More details can be found within the session information pages, shown within the website.

Our pretty outdoor therapy room overlooks a well-established garden; a peaceful oasis in the heart of Surrey. Located in Staines Upon Thames, Surrey the area surrounds the borders of Berkshire to the west, Richmond to the east. Hounslow to the north and Weybridge to the south. The simple yet homely, outdoor space has the facilities available to suit your own treatment needs or those of your faithful hound. Site visits can be provided, for equines, or those that prefer the flexibility of a home visit. The ground floor garden therapy location is around a 20 min walk from the local Staines Upon Thames train station or has nearby bus routes that go direct to Twickenham & Hounslow. Parking is also available.

To book one of the sessions, or to check availability for site visits, please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk or call 07925 609717 for more details.

“Vicky was able to quickly assess the situation and apply a well thought out empathetic treatment plan that has not only cured the problem but also left my most beloved pet feeling content and happy, which in turn has given me peace of mind. I highly recommend Vicky’s services, Thank you.”A. UTAH, HAMPSHIRE, UK