Equine Touch

Equine Fascia Release Bodywork


“Equine touch is essentially a simple yet very powerful modality which, while standing on its own, also exists as part of the team approach in the fight for equine health, alongside veterinarians, dentists, trimmers, trainers, saddlers and nutritionists.”


Equine Touch is a form of bodywork that presents itself in a holistic manner. The process describes itself, as a gentle, non-invasive, soft tissue massage. That is offered as a “gift to your horse”. It is a powerful and effective technique that aims to create a two-way conversation between the practitioner and the horse. Coherence within the stance, exhalation, intent, and integrity; of both the human and equine are important factors, that not only create a rapport; but also, allows the horse to dictate the pace and outcome of the session. Inviting, rather than forcing, changes to happen.

Factors such as the horse’s teeth, hooves, nutrition, saddle & even rider balance are taken on board, due to the impact that they may have on the horse’s body.

Equine Touch addresses the fascia & musculoskeletal framework of the horse and in doing so creates the possibility for changes to happen within a multitude of areas. The process speaks to the horse on a physical, cellular; as well as a bio-mechanical & emotional level. Taking into account points within the body; commonly associated with injury or discomfort. As well as crossover zones, generally linked to acupuncture or trigger points.


The sequential journey into which each carefully considered move unfolds; enables the process to naturally unfurl and open up areas of disparity. Within not just the physical, but also the cellular & energetic realms within.

The technique targets specific areas of the body; such as the fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints, muscle tissue, and meridian pathways. In working within these key points, the process is able to address areas of imbalance as well as releasing stuck energies or “Ki”. With the intention that once cleared, the body may be able to reach enhanced levels of homeostasis (balance). Thus enabling natural healing to occur.

The sequence of moves used within the technique; does so, in the hopes of being able to release and re-align traumatized muscle tissues. Improving muscle tone & facilitating recovery from areas of injury or muscle atrophy.

The technique often improves circulation too; resulting in reduced pain, detoxification, and lymphatic drainage.

After addressing the physical areas, the horse is actively encouraged to relax and sink into the changes happening on a cellular basis. In doing so, the autonomic nervous system is strengthened; which in turn is also able to facilitate repair and renewal.

Whilst Equine Touch, can be used to help re-align and re-balance the horse as a standalone system, its gentle compatibility means that it is equally able to work alongside many other recognised healing modalities; in harmonious synergy.

As a student of Equine Touch – Complimentary Equine Touch Sessions can be provided as part of the training required. The complimentary sessions include site visits within London & the Surrounding Counties and are booked after an introductory session. If you would like to discuss the sessions or the technique in more detail, please email mail@vickythompson.co.uk or to book your sessions, please call 07427 438 406 for more information and to check availability.