Equine Touch

Equine Fascia Release Bodywork


As an Equine Touch practitioner I am able to provide site visits within London & the Surrounding Counties and are booked after an introductory session. If you would like to discuss the sessions or the technique in more detail, please email mail@vickythompson.co.uk or to book your sessions, please call 07925 609717 for more information and to check availability.

Whilst Equine Touch, can be used to help re-align and re-balance the horse as a standalone system, its gentle compatibility means that it is equally able to work alongside many other recognised healing modalities; in harmonious synergy.

After addressing the physical areas, the horse is actively encouraged to relax and sink into the changes happening on a cellular basis. In doing so, the autonomic nervous system is strengthened; which in turn is also able to facilitate repair and renewal.