Energy Healing History

“As a wise person once said … Why do we call it “alternative medicine” when it is the “original medicine” that humans have used for thousands of years? “Modern medicine” was only discovered 100 years ago!”


The principles of holistic therapy have been around for many thousands of years. Research into Sound therapy, for example, shows us, that it was used as far back as 4000BC as a way to align the body to bring about good health. Studies show, that resonant architecture was also known to have been built at the time, to work in line with the profound effects of the healing. Forming what would have been auditory type temples, that were used by the healer priests; to treat patients in a hospital-type environment.

Sound healing wasn’t the only form of energy healing used by the ancients. The discovery of the meridian pathways by Chinese healers many thousands of years ago was also momentous. This revelation of sound, energy, and frequency, gave birth to many interlinked types of energetic healing. Many of which are still in use today. With this in mind, holistic therapy clearly has a wealth of history attached. In fact, if considered within a wider realm, there are probably many more crossovers. Such as associations linked to indigenous beliefs, religions, spirituality, as well as the ties, into quantum physics and beyond.

Ancient artefacts, architecture and, even its concurrent use; provides insight to its pre-eminence, even to this day. The roots of holistic therapy are still prevalent and can be seen within the emblems of a wide amount of medical organisations, throughout the world. The image of one or two snakes entwined around a staff is widely used to pay homage to the history behind, the birth of medicine. The association goes back to the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations, who considered snakes to be sacred and deemed their shedding skin; to be a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The icon was used by healer priests of the time, based on the belief that:

“each person held within themselves the elements of a cure and it was the priest’s function to help the patient discover these.”


“Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way”



Having the ability to not only, access these wonders of the world; but to be able to do so without having prior knowledge of their history or the specifics of how they work; could be termed a phenomenon in itself. Take Reiki for example, although it was formed in the 1900’s it has roots in many cultures, that go back as far as records began. It too uses energy healing to bring about change; yet in order to experience the practice, one does not need to be indoctrinated or show any knowledge; or understanding of how the process works. It would appear that, rather than asking us to transcend our levels of consciousness or to change the way that we live in any shape or form, the only thing that holistic healing therapies ask of us, is the ability to open our arms to possibility.

Reiki is Love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is Balance, Balance is Well Being, Well Being is Freedom from Dis(ease)

Dr Mikao Usui – Founder of the Reiki Principle

Rather than growing up with this inherent knowledge, or being made aware of its synonymous importance. Many of us, in the Western world, could be excused for thinking of healing, within the realms of the pharmaceutical industry. Without having a background or previous knowledge into energy healing; we might also be forgiven for thinking, it is all a bit “new age”, “far fetched” or “woo woo”. There are, however, many countries around the world; including the East; that have a very different perspective of this.

If we delved into the fundamental principles, behind almost all forms of medicine & healing; the inextricable link would no doubt; be in aiming to bring about homeostasis (balance). Yet, the manner in which this is sought is often convoluted and far-reaching. Based upon the history; location & culture; or on what is perceived to be the “norm”. In the Western world, things may be starting to change. With avenues beginning to open up; allowing for a wider variety of medications and healing options to “breakthrough”. Even within the mainly prescriptive West, there has been an increase in the number of medical institutions & organisations; recommending holistic healing, to work alongside “traditional” medications.

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