Holistic Therapies Online Diary

If you would like more information on holistic animal therapy, then perhaps you might be interested in our holistic therapies video diary subscription.

The journal will include a wealth of articles relating to holistic animal healing. Together with real life accounts to enable you to see first hand, how the therapies work, so that you are able to gauge more about the experience from the comfort of your own home.

Showcasing a wealth of information, helpful tips and useful resources, this online facility will help you to document some of the current animal healing and holistic therapies in use today. This low cost, membership subscription will provide more information on different Holistic Animal Techniques, to help improve your bond and inspire wellness, for your equine, canine or in fact any.. animal friend!!

The diaries have been put together to allow you to see for yourself, in a fly on the wall manner, the way in which the documented holistic therapies work. Although they cannot match, learning the techniques first hand, they offer a fabulous insight into their ways of working and the effects that they can provide.

Available as a bi-annual subscription, the journey will offer members the chance to experience first hand, the fabulous effects that these modalities have on our furry friends.

Featuring documented case studies, ideas, links and resources; the content will endeavour to provide well versed articles on everything from chi and life force energy, to equine nutrition, animal communication – as well as everything in between!!

Featured documents will include details on Animal Reiki, Equine Touch Fascia Massage, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Life Force Energy as well as many more new and additional areas of interest. This easy to use online resource will be detailed prior to download, to allow the participant’s a synopsis of the information within each subscription.

Compiled to inspire, yet with a focus on the specific’s of each modality. The journal seeks to provide an easy to read format, which will allow you to seek out new discoveries. Allowing you the chance to wet your appetite, allowing the chance to view the various holistic aspects first hand, to help within your own animal healing journey.

Action packed with photos, videos and featured case study examples; this warm and friendly, light-hearted, animal healing and energetic health subscription. Has been created to enable members, to see for themselves, the results of the various types of animal therapy / animal healing principles. Fully documented to enable you, the viewer, the chance to gauge the effects. This members only resource, is available to book online with the next available date coming up in the fall. If this seems of interest, please do show your interest, so that we can send over a detailed list of included content, prior to the resource becoming available online. Once subscribed, members will be allowed to have full online access to the video diaries, members articles and featured links.

For more information on the price list or to find out more details on the membership features. Please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk