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Personal & Animal Holistic Wellbeing & Energy Therapies

My name is Vicky Thompson and I delighted to introduce you to some of the wonderful holistic therapies, that I have the great pleasure of using. To help with personal and animal healing, in the field of holistic & energy wellbeing.

Unlike many others that work in this field, my background stems from the field of art and design. Graduating within the field of spatial design, I used this to create a successful events business in which I have worked with lots of different type of events in the UK and overseas.

I am a proud mum of one, from London, that has always held a deep love for nature and animals. Feeling truly at home when I am mixing the two.

Over the years, I have witnessed so many wonderous things, that have stood out & inspired me to find out about more about the world that we live in.. Allowing me to re-assess and ponder on the many phenomenon’s of the universe. Links, guides, synchronicities, call them what you will, but in experiencing these things, I started to open up my life to learn more about the life that is all around us.

Sound Therapy Horses

Being an avid learner, I threw myself into the world of physiology, mindfulness, traditional techniques, scientific breakthrough’s, to delve deeper into the world of energy & healing. Having experienced the effects, personally and to those around me. I took it upon myself to learn more and many years later, as they say, the rest is history!!

I have been lucky to work with individuals on a personal basis. As well as helping in school’s and charities. Teaching about emotional intelligence & mindfulness. I also had a the most amazing time, in providing energy work to both our canine, equine & farm friends. Either individually or as a herd.

Thankfully this allows me now, on a day to day basis, to pass on these wonderful techniques, in the form of personalized sessions, & introductory workshops, CPD and certified courses. The ethos behind each session, workshop or presentation, is to help, and hopefully inspire others, to learn more about the fascinating world of energy healing in all its formats, so that others might be able to learn more from me, to continue with their own journey. Be it on a personal basis or on behalf of their animal friends.


Session Details

Whether you are looking to create a closer bond with your pet, horse or farm animal, or are looking to personally find your own “joi de vivre”, energy healing has been used for thousands of years, to bring a deeper sense of balance and homeostasis to the body & to encourage a natural healing to occur. Each session is tailored to suit your needs. Therapies such as Reiki, sound healing, crystals, meridian and chakra work, amongst others, are used intuitively, within each session, in accordance with your individual needs. Once your personalized plan has been created, each visit, will also take into account the different aspects that may have surfaced prior to the session. So that each visit, works in harmony with the holistic elements, that may occur on a variety of levels, in order to help reach optimum levels for healing.

PRACTIONER LEVEL Equine Touch Practitioner / HeartMath Certified Practitioner / Stress – Anxiety and Self Regulation – Level 4 Cache Applied Herbal Choices Consultant Practitioner (specialist equine – canine / – Trauma Sensitive Heart Math Practitioner – Reiki Master 3 Practitioner / Teacher – Animal – Human / Recognised BCMA Sound Therapist Practitioner Animals – Human – Specializing in Tuning Forks / Mindfulness Teaching Practitioner – 3-7yrs / AMI Montessori for Ageing Mentorship / Level 3 Cache – Early Years Practitioner

ADDITIONAL CPD TRAINING – Crystal Therapy – Level 2 – Crystal Therapy for Animals – Intention Symbols – Level 1 Acupressure – For Canine / Equine – Energetic Clearing – Sound Therapy – Overtoning Animals /Humans – Equine Touch – Bodywork 1 – Natural Academy – Ecology Wellbeing – Eponaquest -/Now programme – Practical Animism – Animal communication Level 1 – Natural Horsemanship

eml: mail@vickythompson.co.ukm: 07925 609717
Covering London, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Berkshire & Sussex