Forest Bathing Group Meditation

Its easy to understand if you are feeling a little disjointed. In fact in 2019, the American Institute of Stress, said that up to 90% of physician’s visits were stress-related. With so many things to do and so little time to do them, it is no wonder that we can sometimes feel a little stressed. Yet it might also be worth thinking about other aspects that could be affecting the way that we feel. There have been many studies that show that the separation of nature in terms of environment and our cultural identity, has gone hand in hand, with a increased levels of mental stress, anxiety & depression. Which could be why so many of us feel at “home” when feeling a sense of connection with animals and the natural world.



Our guided forest bathing meditations, are a great way to re-connect on a multitude of levels. Based on the original practise, used in Japan, which is called “shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is an established wellbeing intervention, that can allow us gain a higher sense of inner calm and tranquillity. With thousands of participants around the world being able to attest, to the virtues of this beautiful pursuit.

Our sessions our structed to allow us to take in the wonder of nature within a friendly, relaxed, informal setting. Allowing us to combine the wonder of forest bathing, within our own guided meditations & energy healing techniques. To enable us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience. So that we might be able to engage our body, mind and spirit, within a totally unique and personal experience, aimed at aligning our inner sense of peace to engage within our wonderful sense of self.

There have been lots of studies that look at the long term benefits of yoga, forest bathing, mindfulness and meditation, amongst other techniques. That show a general sense of wellbeing and improvement in our everyday lives. With many showing an enhanced mood. Increased levels of positivity, as well as others reporting, to feel more relaxed, showing reduced levels of pain, or generally feeling lighter, in their overall demeanour.

Although different, most of these approaches, allow us the opportunity to put back, what might have been missing or was out of line. Allowing us to take the time out, to nurture ourselves and re-connect back to who we are inside.

With so many areas of “wellness” being documented all around us, there is no doubt as to the advantages of being out in nature, eating well, exercising, meditation, as well as incorporating an enhanced sense of mindfulness into our every day lives. This however, can be easier said than done. Having so much to do and so little time to do it, as they say. It can be hard to find the time. However, in taking on these methods, which have been cited as being keys, to help with feelings of worry, anxiety, dis-ease, and depression, can we really afford not too..


Set up to help those in our local area, these wonderful sessions, offer participants the chance to ground and centre. To feel at ease and to remember who they are. With the focus on each session, based on letting go of things not needed so that we are able to find our inner peace.


These down to earth (excuse the pun) friendly sessions are held monthly. Available in a drop in, drop out manner, they are a great way to introduce all three methods into your life. Without the need to get bogged down with details. The forest bathing groups, are set within local areas of beauty, which might not include forests, however, each will allow guests the opportunity to be involved within a fully guided meditation, sound and healing session. Within various localities, throughout, Surrey & West London. These 1-2 hour session allow guests to work at their own pace. Individually or within a group. Inviting the guests to take in the beauty of nature around them, whilst also allowing them to re-connect to their own sense of self, to ensure an enhanced feeling of awe and wonder, internally and within the world around us.

Please visit our Facebook page or contact or call txt / call: 07925 609717 for booking advice and additional information.