Session Guidance


“How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.!

Annie Dillard – Author – Poet

The Sessions…

Everybody (be they person or animal) that tries holistic therapy or another will experience something different. Some might attribute the varying types of holistic therapy or energy healing, as a means of relaxation, whereas others may lay claim to a shift, in awareness.

Within today’s fast-paced society it is natural to question the “results” of the individual session, although it might also be worth considering holistic therapy, as a journey within itself. Rather than looking at how much we have, or have not, gained, perhaps we need to consider what needs to change and whether our mind (or our body) is ready and willing for this change to happen…

As the name suggests, holistic therapy seeks to communicate with the whole. In being able to take into account the physical or emotional signals of dis-ease or distress within our body, the system seeks to find areas imbalance. Rather than focusing on specific symptoms, the process looks beyond, taking the wider picture on board. So that it may open up additional channels. Enabling the process the potential to not just address current manifestations, but to open a dialogue with the underlying factor or root cause.

Rather than being prescribed, the system lends itself to unraveling, areas of imbalance piece by piece. In addressing the needs of the individual within a comprehensive manner, it becomes a personal journey, that systematically unfolds within its own pace.


The benefits of holistic therapy therefore should not be taken lightly, nor should they be considered a magic pill. For holistic therapy to work effectively, it should never be taken on without the permission and thereby invitation, of the clients themselves. (Which is the same in both a personal as well as animal therapy capacity). A two-way conversation must happen. There must be a willingness within the mind and body for the possibilities of therapeutic change to occur.

Yet, even when change is invited, there are still no guarantees. The body (& mind) has to facilitate the journey from within. (In-fact as a general rule of thumb, the more chronic, or long term the issue, the more sessions needed, to enable each area of distress. Or each layer of discord, to be peeled back, if we hope to seek the primary cause.)

“Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way”

Albert Einstein

Holistic therapy work, has thankfully, seen a resurgence in the latter years. Fitting under the umbrella of complimentary or alternative therapy, there are now, many health professionals, vets and G.P’s that recommend the different forms of holistic therapy to aid healing. The processes are generally considered safe to use across the board, as they offer no contraindications.

In helping to establish a clearer indication of the sessions and the underlying factors that can be expected, the following points highlight some of the key areas:

  • To create a transparent treatment plan, to make sure that the preferred outcomes have been discussed.
  • To be able to offer a reflective personalized service in which the clients’ needs are taken into account.
  • To ensure that a safe space is given: based upon the Reiki principles, that include the underlying principle of client confidentiality.
  • To make sure that the client is aware of the charges and that payment methods are offered, prior to the session.
  • To ensure that the client is aware of the different traveling options available for each session. Our equine friends or farm animals can be visited on-site (within London or the surrounding counties). Sessions for our canine companions or our own healing needs – can be tailored to within the ground floor therapy space. Information on the facilities can be provided prior to the session, upon request.

If you have found this information helpful, please do browse through the site to access more details on the individual elements used within the sessions.

To book one of the sessions, or to check availability for site visits, please contact or call 07427 438 406 for more details.

The therapy room is located close to Heathrow within the Surrey / Middlesex / West London borders. The room itself is in a quiet location and looks out onto a pretty private pond and an established garden. Although parking is generally available & facilities are on the ground floor; it should be noted that there is an approx 5-minute walk from the car parking area to the bathroom and from there another few minutes walk to the treatment area. There is a small double step up into both rooms. Unfortunately at this time, wheelchair/ ramp facilities are not available.

If preferred site visits can be arranged to cover Central London as well as West and South West London, Surrey & Berkshire (Transport fees may apply.) Please visit our Facebook page or contact or call 07925 609717 for booking advice and additional information.