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Crystal Therapy

The physicist Dr. Theresa Bullard in her “Mystery Teachings” Gaia TV documentary, enthuses that crystals, rather than just being pretty rocks, are one of the primeval sources of life activity on Earth. In her origin of life study, she cites these powerful gems as being one of the few living organisms around at the dawn of the time. She substantiates this by explaining more about their formation, in which she bases her theory.

She explains that when forming, crystals take on the energy of the Earth during their creation. With each arrangement following the universal laws, of sacral geometry, creating an ordered form. Built around a series of ions, atoms, or molecules; the formation of the crystals, as in the rules of nature allows for a periodic repetition, which duplicates as it grows. Rather than blindly fabricating exact replicas, however, as in all of nature the construction of the crystal also allows for instances in which the repetitions become disrupted, or the patterns, move out of sync. Consequently affecting not just the shape, but their inherent energetic composition. Dr. Bullard explains, that it is within these natural interruptions; which could be also be termed as flaws; that the crystals become unique.   Based upon this individuality, Dr. Bullard cites them as being a primal factor within the history of the Earth’s life origin.

Often used in conjunction with Reiki or as stand-alone “tools”. Crystals are a natural phenomenon, that can facilitate changes within an array of energetic realms. Helping (as the body, mind or crystal sees fit) to release, balance, or ground negative energies; or to uplift and inspire us into the realms of higher frequencies or levels of consciousness.

Rather than finishing at this point, Dr. Bullard goes onto reflect on the similarities, with our own existence. Explaining that individually we take on board the universal entity that is life energy. Rather than evolving in a systematic manner, each crystal, rather like ourselves, has its own degree of uniqueness. Which is only gathered from their flaws, which, like our own, she asks us to celebrate and take on board.

She encourages the audience, to explore these paradoxes of nature, and to look beyond their visual beauty. Inviting us to not just make contact, but to form acquaintances; in the hopes of stimulating a deeper level of consciousness. Bringing about the potential to resonate with life energy on a myriad of frequencies.

For those of us that have studied crystal therapy, this will come as no surprise. If we look at our own structure as being part of nature and the “matrix” or “life energy” that surrounds us. It is no wonder then, that we are able to connect with crystals, in the same way, that the aether field connects all things. Crystals as magnificent natural phenomenons; offer us the chance to both connect and correspond; to tangible sources of life energy.

Given the chance, these wonderful gems effortlessly transmute their inherent life source, into other forms of matter; unquestioningly. Just try steeping, or sitting them next to a glass of water, to experience this paradox of nature for yourself! This is a great way to not just understand, but to also taste; their inherent energetic frequencies. (Although, please research further into the different types of crystals; as not all crystals can be left in water). Another way to do this, is, of course, to take the crystal within (your non-dominant) hand & allow it resonate with your own for energetic frequency.

This is awe-inspiring within itself. However, if we are to bear Dr. Bullard’s work in mind, rather than think of crystals, in terms of what they can give us; perhaps we should also consider their reciprocal effect. What might happen if we were to open up to them as well as them showing their power to us? Who knows what we could do, if we allow their very tangible form of life force energy to resonate into our consciousness and beyond….

Whilst it would be a worthy use of time, to detail the different types of crystals and how we can use them for different means and reasons; there are many books that do just this. One of the most popular is probably the Crystal Bible, which is available from many good bookshops. The purpose of this article however is to highlight the inherent phenomena, within these beautiful structures and just how lucky we are to be able to connect to these palpable marvels of nature.

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