It is a joy and wonder to work in this capacity. Energy work for me, is the very pinnacle of our being. Allowing for a connection with the world beyond our every day, whilst deeply unfurled into our every moment. I am so happy to have worked with so many people and animals. If you would like to share your experience, please do so, using the comments part of the page below. Thankyou to everyone that I have had the pleasure of meeting.. and to all of those, I am yet to meet xxx

  • Amazing course. Vicky put us at ease straight away. Vicky’s very knowledgeable and has a lovely connection with the horse. Highly recommended. – Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Really loved this workshop – very informative. Absolutely loved working with Sunny and got so much from it. Very emotional. Very calming and relaxing. S. Simmons Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Great experience. Lovely to see the reaction from the horse. Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Happy smiley place 🙂 Didn’t want to go home but I’m bursting to try out what I’ve learnt, on my horses. Thankyou :0 B.Howarth Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Really didn’t know what to expect and had a fabulous three hour workshop. Lovely to see the differences in doing sound healing, and the reactions from the horses. I am a Reiki practitioner and I will definitely be looking into sound healing more in the future and cannot wait to try it on my own horses! Thankyou Vicky it was really informative and interesting and I hope to see you again. L. Bolton Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Really informative and well presented workshop, could see and feel the positive effects on myself and the horses. Such a lovely modality, you see the results as they happen. Vicky explained everything clearly and with on-going support. A. Cunliffe Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Lovely workshop, really educating and enjoyable; learnt a lot. Great mix of theory and practical… Thankyou. C. Head Sound Workshop course Sep 20
  • Hi Vicky Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the healing session. You have created such a good environment, lovely music. I was so relaxed.. Had so much energy when I got home and did some gardening. Was good. The aches and pains have gone. I’v got more love for our mother Earth. Once again Vicky thankyou so much and I hope I will see you soon again. B. Loveridge Personal Session March 21
  • ”The process felt really peaceful, so much so I was able to recognise the sensitive areas of my body. I didn’t want to move at the end of the session. Now I understand why people do this kind of thing … “ C. Thomas London Jan 20
  • “Vicky was able to quickly assess the situation and apply a well thought out empathetic treatment plan that has not only cured the problem but also left my most beloved pet feeling content and happy, which in turn has given me peace of mind. I highly recommend Vicky’s services, Thank you.” A. Utah, Hampshire, UK
  • “As a true empath, Vicki has a natural affinity with animals and nature. Through her studies, Vicki has learned how to hone her natural healing abilities to bring about very deep and powerful healings on a multi-dimensional level. She is a remarkable healer, a wonderful person and a beautiful soul.” Marian Ryan, teacher and therapist
  • “Vicky has done reiki sessions with several of my horses, and I have always found her to be an extremely compassionate and caring individual. She connects deeply with the horses and most recently she helped two young horses who were going through a potentially stressful time – one was at a new yard to be started, and the other has had a tendency to suffer with separation anxiety. The one who was being started took to this new stage of life much better than I could have dreamed of, and her confidence and calmness I believe was in large part due to Vicky’s wonderful support work in the background. The one at home stayed positive and cheerful despite her horsey friend not being there – though there will be a joyful reunion when they are back together! Thank you Vicky” B. Littlemore May 20 Horse owner – Equine professional