Introduction to Energy Workshop

An Introduction to Energy Work – ¼  day workshop – £25.00

Focusing on the essential elements need to enhance and focus our attention in order to improve coherence and wellbeing. Introductory Workshop

Our emotions and the energy that we emit, are a huge part of who we are.  There are many aspects that can be looked at in regards to energy and healing work.  Regardless of whether you are looking to improve your own wellbeing or to work with others, it is essential that we look at various elements, in order to provide a good grounding.  

In this workshop we will look at the various aspects that can affect how we connect, to ourselves and to others, on a variety of levels. This easy to follow, light-hearted course offers various insights, techniques and helpful ideas, on how create more coherence.  Focusing on how we can then use this to recognise, and hopefully go onto, improve our external relationships /environment.  

Structured as an individual ¼  day workshop it can be accessed individually or as part of a group.  Based within a pretty outdoor environment, this course will be running at various times throughout the year, and will also be featured within our full day programmes. Touching on fundamental aspects, as applicable to the relevant courses. 


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