Introduction to Energy Work – Plus Sound Healing for You and your Horse

An Introduction to Energy Work – & Sound Healing for Yourself and your Horse – Full Day Workshop – £95.00

The course will provide information on how to primarily work with tuning forks, to help promote the wellbeing of your pet or larger furry friend !!  It offers an insight to the basics of energy work, along with tips and tricks to help us gain a better understanding of the techniques required when working with energy on a variety of levels. 

Sound can help the body on many levels.  Offering the potential to improve many aspects of our physiology.  This introductory course provides information on the basics of energy, coherence and grounding, which are essential elements needed when working with sound and other forms of energy healing.  The course will also provide an opportunity to practice the sound work on ourselves so that we have a clearer idea as to the modality itself.  We will then get the chance to practice, what they have learnt on the host’s horses, on the day.

Being a one day introductory course, it will not provide the satisfactory level of teaching, required to work on other animals, that are not your own, or to teach the modality yourself.  (As this will require additional teaching). 

An advanced level ½ day course, is available, should you require more information.  This will touch on further aspects of energy work, sound and healing.  It should be noted however, that this is also based on an introductory level, enabling you to practise on yourself or your own pets.  

Forks will be provided.  Lunch provided.   

Ability to purchase forks if required.

Full day course


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