Holistic Animal Therapies – Introductory Workshop

Holistic Animal Therapies Introductory Workshop – ½ day course – £50.00

This fascinating introductory course will focus on various aspects that can induce an overall sense of wellbeing to our animal companions.   Our bodies and those of our animal friends, do not work in isolation, the body is designed of course, to work as a whole.  Harmoniously taking into account our external, internal and physical aspects in order to both emit and resonate on a variety of levels. 

This course looks at various ways that we can both improve our bond, but also help our beloved pet’s and animal friend to achieve a more enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Bringing together different modalities the workshop, provides a heap of information, ideas, techniques, tips, tricks and insights to various ways of working, to encourage a coherence within our physical, emotional and environmental sense of flow and wellbeing.

Half day course


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