Holding A Healing Space – Full Day Workshop – Full Day Workshop

Regardless of whether you are an experienced therapist, bodyworker or looking to dip your toe into working with “energy” – this is for you!  During this full day workshop, we will take a closer look at the principles behind most energy-based modalities, so that we have a better understanding of what we are both sending out and what we might be unwittingly taking on board.

As we all take on board things in different ways, we will then have the opportunity to look at various methods, that can be used to protect our own personal and energetic space and the environment around us. Which can l allow us to create an optimum space for healing, to enrich ourselves as well as our client.  

Working from a protected personal space (in terms of the energy given out and received) is obviously important.  If we are not careful, we can taken on bits and pieces, from the people around us, our environment, even planetary shifts, even on a day to day level. If we are actively working as a therapists, energy or bodyworker, this can be multiplied, especially if you are of a sensitive nature or have empathic qualities.  To ensure we are able to work from our own optimum level, we need to make sure our own energy levels are working to their best ability.  Its no accident that most care workers suffer from burn out!!

With this in mind, we will then spend the rest of the day, looking at our own energy fields in order to ascertain more about what is going on in our own space.  We will go through various tools & techniques, to enable us to cleanse and clear and build up our own resistance.  Which really goes hand in hand with protection of any kind. 

A great introductory course that touches on both the theory and the practical.  Allowing us to work through the techniques so that you are able to not just understand but to also feel the benefits, of working in this way. 

Full Day Workshop


Lunch provided

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