Herbal Self Selection Methods

Horse Case Study & Interactive Guide – To Allow You To Work With Your Own Horse

Zoopharmacognosy is a phenomenal natural tool that can teach us to work with our animal’s innate ability to self-select herbs and plants, according to their own specific needs. We will look at the key elements behind the modality. Delve into a little bit of the science, and then immerse ourselves within a real life session. In order to understand more about this incredible instinctive process.  Which can drive the animal to self-select one plant over another and in doing so, increase their sense of wellbeing and encourage homeostasis.

There is nothing like seeing a real life session, to enable us to get a better idea of the process from start to finish.

“Never work with children or animals.”  

attributed to —W. C. Fields

Sometimes things will not go according to plan, or they might not behave the way they are supposed to!!  That’s why we are going to get our hands dirty, by taking part in a real life case study. So that we have first-hand knowledge on the things we can (and cannot expect).  Rather than just looking at what is going on, you will be encouraged to take an active role, so that you are able to build the confidence to then go home and work on our own horse or pony.

Although herbs and plants are the main constituent behind many of our modern day medications, it can be hard to know exactly where to start, if you are considering using the process yourself.   It is important to know the rules of offering & to be able to understand what you should or should not do, when it comes to self-selection.   

If this is not enough we will also take into account some of the why’s and wherefores’.  Enabling us to associate the links between this amazing, synonymous relationship, that takes place every season, often without our knowledge.  Enabling us to get a better idea of the plant constituents, can help our animals on a therapeutic level.   

We will also have the opportunity to explore some of the local plants that surround us.  (Which if you are anything like me, will open up whole chasm of learning just in itself!!)

This full day course has a bit of everything.  Designed to get you going on your journey.  Join us for this fabulous equine case study extravaganza and embark on your own adventure into the world of herbal self-selection.

Follow Up Course also available – if required.

With so much to unpack and consider, it seems only right to offer the opportunity for a follow up course (dates TBA) to the participants of the introductory course.   Which can enable us the opportunity to look more closely into the initial session, what we took on board.  The reason why the behaviours might have been happening.  The plants, the herbal benefits as well as finding out what happened after the course.

We will then be given yet another opportunity to take part in another live equine case study session.  Which can allow us to strengthen our awareness, as to what might be going on.  Why the horse might be choosing one thing over another.  Which can allow us to work a little bit more interactively with the process unfolding. In order to fine tune our own assessment & reasoning behind the choices being made.

Which such a vast canvas of tools that can be taken on board, within the self-selection tool box, the follow up session can also provide us with more time in which to look at other areas.  Taking on board different herbs and ways of offering that we might not have had a chance to touch on within the first workshop. 

If required, we can also look further into your own personal case studies.  Which can enable us as a group to help identify what could be going on with your own pony or horse.  Which can help us to all benefit from looking into additional pathways forward. 

Please note as a complimentary therapy, if you would like to take part in the second course, I would strongly suggest that you mention the self selection process to your VET.  Not only will it highlight this amazing modality, but as a complimentary therapy we should always advise them of the choices we are taking on board, which we could end up discussing in the follow up course.

Full Day Workshop – £95.00

Lunch provided

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