Heart Math Stress and Anxiety Training

Heart Math is an amazing non for profit based charity that has lead the way with pioneering research into what we can now refer to as heart brain coherence.

Heart Math has lead the way in heart coherence research and has had many papers published by the many renown physicians, researchers, psychologists and scientists that partner with it. Although it has so much scientific knowledge to back up it’s findings into the physiology of the heart you will find that it often mirrors many of our indigenous or ancient findings that speak of the importance of the heart and our interconnectedness to the world around us.

The Heart Math training programme focuses on our relationship to stress and anxiety and puts forward various techniques to help us to return to a more coherent baseline. It is based on a minimum of six sessions and after the initial session can be provided online or in person.

To find out more about the course please do contact us for more information using the contact details shown.