Equine Touch Complimentary Sessions


In order to become a professional Equine Touch bodyworker, it is necessary to study the modality in various ways. Students are required to have a working knowledge of the anatomy of the horse, as well as being able to discuss the modality within a theoretical manner and practise the intricacies of the technique.

To be able to ensure that the practice is carried out to the highest standard, the student must exhibit a substantial amount of work, within a case study format. In doing so, the process allows the student to refine the approach and gain an exponential amount of knowledge prior to delivering the Equine Touch Sessions as a professional bodyworker.

“I have taught many enthusiastic horse lovers in my role as an Equine Touch instructor, but rarely are they as dedicated and thoughtful as Vicky! I was impressed by her calm certainty that her future would be all about helping animals and empowering them to let go of pain and past suffering. Vicky is still a student but I can’t wait to see her qualify and start her own journey as an Equine Touch practitioner. The horses respond wonderfully well to her touch, and her dedication and skills are remarkable. “

Babette Littlemore, Equine Touch Instructor (www.starlightcottage.co.uk)

My own experience of the practice was formed, when helping out at the Mane Chance Animal Sanctuary. One of the lovely grooms there, was using Equine Touch to help orchestrate a level of healing communication, with one of the ponies in the herd. This resonated with me in such a profound way, as I had been studying the effects of energy healing in a personal capacity, for many years. I was delighted to see the effects of the process and how easily the horse seemed to relax and allow itself to submerge into the process. It was awe inspiring experience, that lead me to find out more.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to meet lots of fabulous horses, that have enabled me to embark on the training to take up this wondrous technique. In order to gain the experience within the case study format, I am currently looking for horses within the local area to be able to complete the training.

I am able to offer blocks of three – six sessions, on a complimentary basis. The process works in providing an initial introduction session, to get to know the horse and to see him or her, within their natural environment. Once this is undertaken, a series of three further sessions will be booked in free of charge. The sessions will take place on site, within the client’s premises; situated within London or the surrounding counties.

All case study sessions will be documented and recorded to help promote, optimum levels of learning, as well professional transparency at all times. If this is of interest, please do send an email to  mail@vickythompson.co.uk to check availability and show your interest. Or alternatively please call 07427 438406 for more information.

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