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    Life Force Energy

    “Energy is neither created or deleted – it is only ever transformed”

    Albert Einstein

    According to the well-known scientist Greg Branden in his “Spontaneous healing of belief” press article, Max Planck, the “father of quantum theory”, shocked the world in 1944 when he proved that there is a “matrix”of energy that provides the blueprint for our physical world”. Energy flow could be explained as being the path of creation. He explained that it is from within this place of pure energy, that everything connects; from the birth of stars to the specifics of our DNA, as well as the nature all around us. In looking at this connection, scientists have shown that the universe is made of waves and particles of energy. Everything within, and outside of, the universe is part of this life force energy. He quoted that the theory was proved once and for all in the Michelson / Morley experiment in 1887 which established proof that the aether field existed (which is the conduit that Planck described as the the “matrix”). Greg Branden describes the aether field as the energy all around us; that connects all things. A sea of matter (particles and photons); with the “matrix” or the quantum field that contains everything within.

    “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceivable to the senses.”


    Scientifically then, it can now be proved that the “matrix” exists. However, if we are to look back at our history, we can see that this was always a given. The external and internal connection, between us and the universe, was something that many indigenous elders passed on through the ages.

    There are many of us today, that tangibly feel the energetic subtleties within our every-day life. From the depths of religious theories to astrologers, scientists, physics, even those that practice the many forms of energetic “life force energy cultivations” such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc, can bear witness to these great energetic subtleties. Yet, even with all of this knowledge, with facts of existence, it is not a given. The existence of the life force energy or the “matrix” all around us, is not readily taken on board.

    Even within those of us that connect with it daily, it is not part of a generic social consciousness and as such, rather than being enmeshed within it, we are only able to delve into glimpses of it. Perhaps we in the West are so indoctrinated that not only have we forgotten, but are so closed off from the universal connection, with the synergy of the “matrix”, that we find it too hard to take into account.

    There are signs however slow, that we are beginning to open up to “new” possibilities. We might not be ready yet to stand up and be counted within our synergy of the natural world and all that it contains, but there are signs that what we perceive to be the “norm” is slightly changing. Take Yoga, Tai Chi, Qu Qong, Martial Arts, for example, all of these practices use the flow of energy to perpetuate their physicality. Energy flow is not only taken as a given but in allowing ourselves to part in these modalities, many more of us are experiencing the feeling of energy flow.

    If we are to look further perhaps, into Dr. Emoto’s work that speaks of the language of emotions. He has shown us, in very real terms, that we are much more than our physical body. His scientific work, that lead to his “Message in Water” experiments, have allowed the world to see how energy in the form of emotions, can not only be illustrated but can be transmuted, by the power of thought, into the creation of different shapes.

    The experiments that lead to the field of cymatics, is also another great resource that has enabled us to see how the energetic fields of sound & vibration (frequency) affects matter. Rather than simply creating an effect, the system of cymatics, shows us in the form of clear repetitive organized structures, how the world around us reacts systematically to the natural laws of sound and frequency in so many awe-inspiring ways.

    Perhaps it’s by observing these experiments, or in recognizing the elements of energy all around us, that we are able to open up to different types of consciousness. Perhaps if we are able to notice such every day “miracles” of energy all around us, we might be able to gain further insights into the special life force, that ties us all together.

    Light in itself is a form of energy that we can see, yet we take it for granted all the time. Rainbow’s for example, allow us to see first hand, the spectrum of colours that create light, in a clear and tangible form. Lighting storms. Radio frequencies. Scientific “norms” such as ultrasound, laser therapy. The oxygen from the trees. Nutrition within our food. The wonder of clean water. The stratosphere that surrounds the Earth. The list, when you think about it could go on and on. But rather than being delighted and outstanded at what is all around us; what nature inherently provides for us we tend to see it as a given. Something that exists outside of us; something that has evolved perhaps or just part of the Earth’s structure.

    Perhaps, it’s by joining the dots; realising that actually all of these other things in the world will exist, whether we are here as a species or not, will enable us to look closer at the subtleties that not just surround our life; but enable us to thrive. Rather than seeing it as out of us; if we look at it as part of an inherent structure, known as the aether field or “matrix” we might tend to it a little differently.


    Perhaps if we realised that we are all the same, we are one, rather than some, we might nourish it and allow it to grow. If we take this unity as a given instead; allowing it to integrate within our lives. If we change our thought patterns to be able to work in synergy with our day to day lives. Allowing a harmony and a collaboration, with gusto and celebration; how would that affect our lives?

    In his “Spontaneous healing of belief” press article Greg Branden suggests that the key to unleashing new miracles into our lives, such as the spontaneous healing of disease, time travel, living to advanced ages; as well as an instant connection with everyone and anything around us – are realities, that are totally within our grasp. Rather than being Utopian, the ideologies can be discovered with the help of new discoveries in physics and biology.

    He explains that with a few exceptions, our knowledge about the world which we live in and our own capabilities, beliefs, and limits come from what science or history has told us. He asks the question..

    what if the knowledge that we have is holding us back? How different would we live our life, if we knew that we are are limited by this vision; in the way that we see our world.”

    Greg Branden

    Greg Branden as well as many other doctors, scientists, researchers, and authors are paving the way for what could be a new kind of paradigm. Perhaps, we might be able to finally able to join the dots again. To understand that we are so much more than our physical body. That as part of the chain of life force energy, we are connected, internally, and externally with everything within the spectrum that we call the “matrix”. Greg explains that “DNA is a life code that may be changed by choice”. That by this choice, we are able to change the course of our lives. That our world and our reality is a matter of choice and that our consciousness is just that.

    The definition of consciousness states that “a person’s awareness or perception of something”. Whereas the definition of reality is the “existence that is absolute, self-sufficient, or objective, and not subject to human decisions or conventions.” Perhaps we could reflect upon these to decide whether we want to be defined as living in a social “reality” or in our own form of “consciousness”..

    Greg goes onto state.. “there is one small catch, however. Our power to change our bodies and our world is dormant until we awaken it. The key to awakening such an awesome power is that have to make a small shift in the way we see ourselves in the universe. We must see ourselves as a part of everything, rather than separate from everything. Beyond merely thinking of ourselves from this unified view, we must feel ourselves as part of all that we experience. With this one little shift in perception we are given access to the most powerful force in the universe, and the key to address even the seemingly impossible situations in our lives. It makes perfect sense that to change our lives we need to change what we believe about ourselves and our world.”

    Greg Branden

    If this has been an interesting read and you would like more information on energy healing or life force energy, please revisit the website for more information. Our up and coming new Video blog subscription might also be of interest. This will feature a wide array of well being and healing articles, videos, and ideas, as a resource for inspiration and insight into these amazing fields.

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    Energy Healing Inspiration

    Sound Healing

    When we think of healing in today’s Western society, there is normally a strong association with the medication formed by many of the pharmaceutical companies. This has not always been the case. For many thousands of years, man used other forms of healing. Early civilisations such as those found in Egypt, China, and Indian, believed that an outer and inner elixir was the best way to purify the body and prolong life. The external or outer elixir was normally linked to minerals & plants & the inner elixir presented itself within the “chi” or “life force” of the body; primarily used within a practice of movements such as Qigong. Within this quest to find the “elixir of life”, or the purification of one’s spirit (together with seeking answers into the depths of immortality); the foundations of alchemy lay birth.

    The early alchemists sought to purify & extend the human spirit. Looking for answers within the realms of nature, philosophy, and spirituality. They believed the answer might lie in the form of gold; which they believed to be the purest & highest form of matter. Based on the assumption that if they were able to purify lowly base metals, into the accolades of gold; they might also, be able to uncover the secrets of the universe and thereby improve the human spirit. The alchemists sought flame colour metals and began to experiment by turning one form into another. Leading the series of chemical processes & culminated into the science, known today as chemistry. Creating synthetic chemicals that are used to address our medical needs today.


    Although we are now able to access an array of medications to suit the demands of our body; according to the American Institute of Stress, up to 90% of physician’s visits are stress-related. Whilst this might seem like a relatively low cross to bear, in comparison to so many other medical complaints; if we take this demographic into account, its plain to see that in today’s Western society; stress has become an intrinsic part of our day to day life. Like lots of other creatures; stress is an intrinsic part of us. It is the fail-safe, survival system that works within our flight or fight modes; yet it is how we handle this stress, that bears the most impact.

    More information on the body and how it is affected by stress; can be found within the previous article (shown in the link). It explains that “if the body becomes injured, or faces a trauma or is in any way at dis-ease.. symptoms will appear in other areas of the body”. If the body feels under attack (whether it a physical /emotional or even imaginary) the effects of this dis – ease; or in-balance, will ultimately cause a chain reaction; which will spread throughout the system. If the stress is not effectively dealt with; the body creates a distress signal, which will then alert the sympathetic nervous system to send a rapid involuntary response.

    This fight or flight response is part of the survival system used within many living organisms. It is an invaluable mechanism that allows the body to adapt to the changing environment at lightning speed. If we looked at the scenario of a deer, for example, suddenly being chased by a lion. This unequivocal defense system would allow the deer to either escape; or hang onto its life in some way. The body would be on major alert and all systems would be adapting to accommodate this fear. Yet if the deer withstood the attack, the body would return to normal; and the deer would go back to grazing, within 15 minutes. The emotion or stress would inherently be forgotten and the deer would live to see another day.

    If the deer were to effectively live within this stressful situation though, it would be a different story. Collectively, we are simply not designed to live in a survival mode. It might be ok for the short term, but the long term state of imbalance caused by the stress; will in no doubt, affect the body and mind in some way. Forcing it to function differently. Stress signals such as food sensitivities, insomnia, anxiety & allergies will begin to surface, as well as cellular changes that will resonate within. Rather than choosing how to respond, the body will be forced to make changes to be able to cope with the onslaught; of this chronic stress. Often resulting in physical or emotional pain. The body although it may try, will not be able to fully, reverberate back to the natural levels of homeostasis (balance); until the stresses have been removed.

    Sound healing as explained; formed one of the first types of healing practice. Mandara Cronwell, in her Massagemag.com article, explains that research into the art and science behind sound healing, goes as far back as records began. She states that “sound, light and magnetics have been inextricably linked” since at least 4000BC.

    “Throughout our written history we find references to healing temples built with the intention to harness the three most powerful universal forces: sound, light and magnetics. These temples were constructed on magnetic vortices with architecture designed to capture the power of sound and light waves. People would travel to these locations and spend anywhere from one to several nights for a resonant recalibration of the body, mind and spirit.”

    Mandara Cronwell – Massagemag.com

    Mandara points out, that there were many architectural sites throughout the world, used to facilitate such sonic architecture. Many, she points out; such as the pyramids; were built close to the river or the sea. Research is still ongoing, but perhaps that was to allow for an enhanced level of sound. Astrological alignment or magnetic frequency; or perhaps simply to allow the audience to welcome the therapeutic sounds of water. Whatever the reasons for the connection, it seems that the ancients were not just aware of the phenomenon that is the sound, light, and magnetic continuum, but that they actively used it to enhance the world around them.

    Mandara explains that these visionary buildings, that sought a sonic awakening; were the predecessors to our own hospitals or recovery centres. Places where priests or priestesses served the role of today’s medical staff.

    Sound it seems, not only, plays a large part within our historical background, but also resonates within us, at a primeval level. The auditory sense, for example, is the first to develop within the embryo. Creating an inherent life long rhythmic connection; to the internal beat of the heart & its connected organs. A dulcet connection that resonates within us; in the form of our breath; to create a feeling of security, inner balance, and harmony. In fact, we do not just, listen to sounds, we experience them. This is especially true when considering the environment of the embryo. Sound travels four times faster when incorporated in liquid. So if we consider that our body is essentially made up of 70% water; it’s no wonder that our bodies instinctively react to therapeutic sound.

    There are many instruments that enable us to not just hear, but also to feel sounds, personified. These differing sound modalities allow us to cross the line between listening and being immersed within a sonic symphony. Allowing us to vibrate on a series of frequencies, to uncover pathways into a myriad of physical, emotional, and psychological realms. From the roots of antiquity, into groundbreaking scientific research; the effects of sound medicine are exemplary.

    Within the same article; Mandara goes on to explain how Jim Gimzewski of the University of California was able to coin the term sonocytology. Which he cited, after noticing that sounds were emitted from cells. Revolutionary as it is, the article also goes onto explain; how a team made up of cutting edge scientists from a Copenhagen university made another the groundbreaking discovery. Based upon their research, they unearthed the news, that nerves; rather than transmitting impulses through electricity (as previously thought) where actually radiating signals through sound.

    Research within other forms of medication; also outlined other fascinating capabilities; of sound as a medicine. In exploring how to detect disease, Kathy Nightingale, a biological engineer from Duke University in the U.S. noticed that muscles, blood vessels, and fatty tissues, emit varying acoustic properties. With each changing according to density, the phenomenon has uncovered a whole new area of insight into the capabilities of sound as a medicine. With this in mind, its plain to see how much we still have to learn from both sound and healing. With so much history and potential, the effects of sound as a medicine; could even have the potential to transcend from a therapy, into becoming a vital part of our existence once again.

    Sound healing; a modality that enables us to ground, re-align, re-vitalise, resonate, and reverberate without consideration. The virtues and depths; enabling it to cross over from the every day; into the forms of medicine and beyond. Perpetuating to become not just that of healing as an art form, but in having the ability to resonate within so many ways. Sweet melodic sound. Whether it is from a genre, date, culture, or frequency. It has the power to form a connection in time or place; but to also communicate with the external, internal, cellular, and subconscious.

    If you would like to book a sound healing session; please send an email to mail@vickythompson.co.uk for more details. Alternatively, if you would like more information on sound healing and the benefits of holistic therapy, it might be worth checking out our forthcoming Video blog subscription for featured articles on not just sound healing, but various other forms of wellness for yourself and your pet.

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    Energy Healing Inspiration

    Crystal Therapy

    The physicist Dr. Theresa Bullard in her “Mystery Teachings” Gaia TV documentary, enthuses that crystals, rather than just being pretty rocks, are one of the primeval sources of life activity on Earth. In her origin of life study, she cites these powerful gems as being one of the few living organisms around at the dawn of the time. She substantiates this by explaining more about their formation, in which she bases her theory.

    She explains that when forming, crystals take on the energy of the Earth during their creation. With each arrangement following the universal laws, of sacral geometry, creating an ordered form. Built around a series of ions, atoms, or molecules; the formation of the crystals, as in the rules of nature allows for a periodic repetition, which duplicates as it grows. Rather than blindly fabricating exact replicas, however, as in all of nature the construction of the crystal also allows for instances in which the repetitions become disrupted, or the patterns, move out of sync. Consequently affecting not just the shape, but their inherent energetic composition. Dr. Bullard explains, that it is within these natural interruptions; which could be also be termed as flaws; that the crystals become unique.   Based upon this individuality, Dr. Bullard cites them as being a primal factor within the history of the Earth’s life origin.

    Often used in conjunction with Reiki or as stand-alone “tools”. Crystals are a natural phenomenon, that can facilitate changes within an array of energetic realms. Helping (as the body, mind or crystal sees fit) to release, balance, or ground negative energies; or to uplift and inspire us into the realms of higher frequencies or levels of consciousness.

    Rather than finishing at this point, Dr. Bullard goes onto reflect on the similarities, with our own existence. Explaining that individually we take on board the universal entity that is life energy. Rather than evolving in a systematic manner, each crystal, rather like ourselves, has its own degree of uniqueness. Which is only gathered from their flaws, which, like our own, she asks us to celebrate and take on board.

    She encourages the audience, to explore these paradoxes of nature, and to look beyond their visual beauty. Inviting us to not just make contact, but to form acquaintances; in the hopes of stimulating a deeper level of consciousness. Bringing about the potential to resonate with life energy on a myriad of frequencies.

    For those of us that have studied crystal therapy, this will come as no surprise. If we look at our own structure as being part of nature and the “matrix” or “life energy” that surrounds us. It is no wonder then, that we are able to connect with crystals, in the same way, that the aether field connects all things. Crystals as magnificent natural phenomenons; offer us the chance to both connect and correspond; to tangible sources of life energy.

    Given the chance, these wonderful gems effortlessly transmute their inherent life source, into other forms of matter; unquestioningly. Just try steeping, or sitting them next to a glass of water, to experience this paradox of nature for yourself! This is a great way to not just understand, but to also taste; their inherent energetic frequencies. (Although, please research further into the different types of crystals; as not all crystals can be left in water). Another way to do this, is, of course, to take the crystal within (your non-dominant) hand & allow it resonate with your own for energetic frequency.

    This is awe-inspiring within itself. However, if we are to bear Dr. Bullard’s work in mind, rather than think of crystals, in terms of what they can give us; perhaps we should also consider their reciprocal effect. What might happen if we were to open up to them as well as them showing their power to us? Who knows what we could do, if we allow their very tangible form of life force energy to resonate into our consciousness and beyond….

    Whilst it would be a worthy use of time, to detail the different types of crystals and how we can use them for different means and reasons; there are many books that do just this. One of the most popular is probably the Crystal Bible, which is available from many good bookshops. The purpose of this article however is to highlight the inherent phenomena, within these beautiful structures and just how lucky we are to be able to connect to these palpable marvels of nature.

    If you would like to book a crystal therapy session, please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk for more details. If you would like more information on crystals; or crystal therapy, it might be worth checking out the forthcoming Video blog subscription for featured articles and holistic therapy resources for you and your fabulous pets.

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    Energy Healing Inspiration

    Fascia Massage

    Fascia is one of the least known parts of the body – but one of the most important too. Although fascia connects to everything in the body, it was an area that was largely under researched until very recently. It is often described as a connective tissue & is made up on different types of densities and types of formations. It can be divided up into three main categories, the superficial, deep or cutaneous; found within many areas of the body.  Fascia, helps to connect, separate, protect and create fluidity within the body. One of the most important aspects of the fascia; is the manner in which it connects and communicates throughout the body. Healthy fascia will allow the the different parts of the body to move smoothly and in coherence with the different parts. Whereas unhealthy fascia will often result in a lack of fluidity; stiffness and pain.

    There are many types of bodywork that can help to promote the health of the fascia. VHT for example, is short for Vibration Human Technique, it is a non-ivasive, non-diagnostic form of bodywork that aims to gently release the build up of tension, injuries or blockages; within specific parts of the body. It works with areas of soft tissue & with the bodies fascia. The equine equivalent of this practice is called Equine Touch. Similar to the Bowen technique that is also used on humans, horses or dogs. The modality aims to stimulate; designated parts of the body, helping to ease muscle injury; increase circulation and to help the body to initiate its inherent ability to heal.

    Equine Touch (and its sister companies (Canine Touch (& VHT)) are gentle bodywork systems that work with the fascia; to help the body to re-align from within. So that it is able to perpetuate a higher degree of homeostasis (balance). The technique uses a series of moves; to the muscles, joints, soft tissue and fascia, to help the release of, built-up stagnant energy. To enable it to stimulate the levels of clear flowing “ki”; so that the body is able to connect on an energetic, cellular and physical level. Inciting the fascia to re-align; so that the body is able to re-connect and stimulate enhanced levels of fluidity; once again.

    For more information on Equine Touch and the service offered, please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk or click on the link provided. If fascia and animal therapy is of interest, you might also want to find out more about our online video diary. This up and coming new feature will highlight various holistic therapy aspects. As well as documenting the animal therapy services offered including Equine Touch. More information on the holistic therapies online diary can be found within or alternatively, please send an email for further details.


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    Welcome, welcome, welcome…

    There are so many words of wisdom… where do we start.. well the quote below could be as good a place as any.. If we take on board the following then this is all a learning curve.. a journey .. an adventure… One that has already begun and is gaining momentum and how we choose to use it, could therefore be the basis of our life..

    We learn…
    10% of what we read
    20% of what we hear
    30% of what we see
    50% of what we both hear and see
    70% of what is discussed
    80% of what we experience personally
    95% of what we teach to someone else

    William Glasser

    All very interesting no doubt, but when you reflect upon the Ghandi quote below, it seems that we control not only our destiny, but the very measures of life itself. Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder.. so keep on looking good x

    “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”