An Introduction to Energy Work – Plus Sound Healing for Our Own Wellbeing

An Introduction to Energy Work – & Sound Healing for Ourselves – Full Day Workshop – £95.00

The course will provide information on how to primarily work with tuning forks and using our own voice, to help promote our own wellbeing.  It will allow us to experience the beauty of sound itself in the form of a personalized session as well as providing more details on the ways in which it works, to help us to gain an appropriate understanding.

Focusing on a beginner level, the workshop will also provide details on the beauty of energy work, in order for us to learn more about the modality itself.  Delivered in a friendly, easy to follow format, the information will include many techniques to help us gain a better understanding of working with energy on a variety of levels.  Offering further details on the fundamental principles of coherence and grounding, which are essential elements needed, when working with sound and other forms of energy healing, providing an insight into the basics of energy work. 

The workshop will then delve into sound itself.  Highlighting how it can be used to help us on a variety of levels.  Providing the ability to connect and improve our own wellbeing, on a physiological level.  We will then have the opportunity to experience this for ourselves. In the form of a sound session, as well as being about to practice the modality on ourselves, so that we are able to gain a clearer understanding of how it can improve our wellbeing.   

Once completed, this introductory session, will provide us with the opportunity to purchase the forks, so that you are then able to use the techniques on yourself. 

Being a one day introductory course, it will not provide the satisfactory level of teaching, required to work on other people or to teach the modality yourself.  (As this will require additional teaching). 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of energy work to help your own wellbeing – a certified Reiki Wellbeing course will be available at the end of the year. 

Due to the current social restrictions, we will be hosting the course outdoors until further notice.  There will be cover available, in the event of bad weather, however it is advisable to bring the appropriate outdoor clothing for changes in weather.

Forks & Information will be provided.  Lunch provided.   

Ability to purchase forks if required.

Full day course.

Min. 4 people 



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