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    Life Force Energy

    “Energy is neither created or deleted – it is only ever transformed”

    Albert Einstein

    According to the well-known scientist Greg Branden in his “Spontaneous healing of belief” press article, Max Planck, the “father of quantum theory”, shocked the world in 1944 when he proved that there is a “matrix”of energy that provides the blueprint for our physical world”. Energy flow could be explained as being the path of creation. He explained that it is from within this place of pure energy, that everything connects; from the birth of stars to the specifics of our DNA, as well as the nature all around us. In looking at this connection, scientists have shown that the universe is made of waves and particles of energy. Everything within, and outside of, the universe is part of this life force energy. He quoted that the theory was proved once and for all in the Michelson / Morley experiment in 1887 which established proof that the aether field existed (which is the conduit that Planck described as the the “matrix”). Greg Branden describes the aether field as the energy all around us; that connects all things. A sea of matter (particles and photons); with the “matrix” or the quantum field that contains everything within.

    “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceivable to the senses.”


    Scientifically then, it can now be proved that the “matrix” exists. However, if we are to look back at our history, we can see that this was always a given. The external and internal connection, between us and the universe, was something that many indigenous elders passed on through the ages.

    There are many of us today, that tangibly feel the energetic subtleties within our every-day life. From the depths of religious theories to astrologers, scientists, physics, even those that practice the many forms of energetic “life force energy cultivations” such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc, can bear witness to these great energetic subtleties. Yet, even with all of this knowledge, with facts of existence, it is not a given. The existence of the life force energy or the “matrix” all around us, is not readily taken on board.

    Even within those of us that connect with it daily, it is not part of a generic social consciousness and as such, rather than being enmeshed within it, we are only able to delve into glimpses of it. Perhaps we in the West are so indoctrinated that not only have we forgotten, but are so closed off from the universal connection, with the synergy of the “matrix”, that we find it too hard to take into account.

    There are signs however slow, that we are beginning to open up to “new” possibilities. We might not be ready yet to stand up and be counted within our synergy of the natural world and all that it contains, but there are signs that what we perceive to be the “norm” is slightly changing. Take Yoga, Tai Chi, Qu Qong, Martial Arts, for example, all of these practices use the flow of energy to perpetuate their physicality. Energy flow is not only taken as a given but in allowing ourselves to part in these modalities, many more of us are experiencing the feeling of energy flow.

    If we are to look further perhaps, into Dr. Emoto’s work that speaks of the language of emotions. He has shown us, in very real terms, that we are much more than our physical body. His scientific work, that lead to his “Message in Water” experiments, have allowed the world to see how energy in the form of emotions, can not only be illustrated but can be transmuted, by the power of thought, into the creation of different shapes.

    The experiments that lead to the field of cymatics, is also another great resource that has enabled us to see how the energetic fields of sound & vibration (frequency) affects matter. Rather than simply creating an effect, the system of cymatics, shows us in the form of clear repetitive organized structures, how the world around us reacts systematically to the natural laws of sound and frequency in so many awe-inspiring ways.

    Perhaps it’s by observing these experiments, or in recognizing the elements of energy all around us, that we are able to open up to different types of consciousness. Perhaps if we are able to notice such every day “miracles” of energy all around us, we might be able to gain further insights into the special life force, that ties us all together.

    Light in itself is a form of energy that we can see, yet we take it for granted all the time. Rainbow’s for example, allow us to see first hand, the spectrum of colours that create light, in a clear and tangible form. Lighting storms. Radio frequencies. Scientific “norms” such as ultrasound, laser therapy. The oxygen from the trees. Nutrition within our food. The wonder of clean water. The stratosphere that surrounds the Earth. The list, when you think about it could go on and on. But rather than being delighted and outstanded at what is all around us; what nature inherently provides for us we tend to see it as a given. Something that exists outside of us; something that has evolved perhaps or just part of the Earth’s structure.

    Perhaps, it’s by joining the dots; realising that actually all of these other things in the world will exist, whether we are here as a species or not, will enable us to look closer at the subtleties that not just surround our life; but enable us to thrive. Rather than seeing it as out of us; if we look at it as part of an inherent structure, known as the aether field or “matrix” we might tend to it a little differently.


    Perhaps if we realised that we are all the same, we are one, rather than some, we might nourish it and allow it to grow. If we take this unity as a given instead; allowing it to integrate within our lives. If we change our thought patterns to be able to work in synergy with our day to day lives. Allowing a harmony and a collaboration, with gusto and celebration; how would that affect our lives?

    In his “Spontaneous healing of belief” press article Greg Branden suggests that the key to unleashing new miracles into our lives, such as the spontaneous healing of disease, time travel, living to advanced ages; as well as an instant connection with everyone and anything around us – are realities, that are totally within our grasp. Rather than being Utopian, the ideologies can be discovered with the help of new discoveries in physics and biology.

    He explains that with a few exceptions, our knowledge about the world which we live in and our own capabilities, beliefs, and limits come from what science or history has told us. He asks the question..

    what if the knowledge that we have is holding us back? How different would we live our life, if we knew that we are are limited by this vision; in the way that we see our world.”

    Greg Branden

    Greg Branden as well as many other doctors, scientists, researchers, and authors are paving the way for what could be a new kind of paradigm. Perhaps, we might be able to finally able to join the dots again. To understand that we are so much more than our physical body. That as part of the chain of life force energy, we are connected, internally, and externally with everything within the spectrum that we call the “matrix”. Greg explains that “DNA is a life code that may be changed by choice”. That by this choice, we are able to change the course of our lives. That our world and our reality is a matter of choice and that our consciousness is just that.

    The definition of consciousness states that “a person’s awareness or perception of something”. Whereas the definition of reality is the “existence that is absolute, self-sufficient, or objective, and not subject to human decisions or conventions.” Perhaps we could reflect upon these to decide whether we want to be defined as living in a social “reality” or in our own form of “consciousness”..

    Greg goes onto state.. “there is one small catch, however. Our power to change our bodies and our world is dormant until we awaken it. The key to awakening such an awesome power is that have to make a small shift in the way we see ourselves in the universe. We must see ourselves as a part of everything, rather than separate from everything. Beyond merely thinking of ourselves from this unified view, we must feel ourselves as part of all that we experience. With this one little shift in perception we are given access to the most powerful force in the universe, and the key to address even the seemingly impossible situations in our lives. It makes perfect sense that to change our lives we need to change what we believe about ourselves and our world.”

    Greg Branden

    If this has been an interesting read and you would like more information on energy healing or life force energy, please revisit the website for more information. Our up and coming new Video blog subscription might also be of interest. This will feature a wide array of well being and healing articles, videos, and ideas, as a resource for inspiration and insight into these amazing fields.

  • Energy Healing History

    “As a healer once said … Why do we call it “alternative medicine” when it is the “original medicine” that humans have used for thousands of years? “Modern medicine” was only discovered 100 years ago!”


    The principles of holistic therapy have been around for many thousands of years. Research into Sound therapy, for example, shows us, that it was used as far back as 4000BC as a way to align the body to bring about good health. Studies show, that resonant architecture was also known to have been built at the time, to work in line with the profound effects of the healing. Forming what would have been auditory type temples, that were used by the healer priests; to treat patients in a hospital-type environment.

    Sound healing wasn’t the only form of energy healing used by the ancients. The discovery of the meridian pathways by Chinese healers many thousands of years ago was also momentous. This revelation of sound, energy, and frequency, gave birth to many interlinked types of energetic healing. Many of which are still in use today. With this in mind, holistic therapy clearly has a wealth of history attached. In fact, if considered within a wider realm, there are probably many more crossovers. Such as associations linked to indigenous beliefs, religions, spirituality, as well as the ties, into quantum physics and beyond.

    Ancient artifacts, architecture and, even its concurrent use; provides insight to its preeminence, even to this day. The roots of holistic therapy are still prevalent and can be seen within the emblems of a wide amount of medical organisations, throughout the world. The image of one or two snakes entwined around a staff is widely used to pay homage to the history behind, the birth of medicine. The association goes back to the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations, who considered snakes to be sacred and deemed their shedding skin; to be a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The icon was used by healer priests of the time, based on the belief that:

    “each person held within themselves the elements of a cure and it was the priest’s function to help the patient discover these.”

    reiki sessions surrey

    “Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way”



    Having the ability to not only, access these wonders of the world; but to be able to do so without having prior knowledge of their history or the specifics of how they work; could be termed a phenomenon in itself. Take Reiki for example, although it was formed in the 1900’s it has roots in many cultures, that go back as far as records began. It too uses energy healing to bring about change; yet in order to experience the practice, one does not need to be indoctrinated or show any knowledge; or understanding of how the process works. It would appear that, rather than asking us to transcend our levels of consciousness or to change the way that we live in any shape or form, the only thing that holistic healing therapies ask of us, is the ability to open our arms to possibility.

    Reiki is Love, Love is wholeness,Wholeness is Balance, Balance is Well Being, Well Being is Freedom from Dis(ease)

    Dr Mikao Usui – Founder of the Reiki Principle

    Rather than growing up with this inherent knowledge, or being made aware of its synonymous importance. Many of us, in the Western world, could be excused for thinking of healing, within the realms of the pharmaceutical industry. Without having a background or previous knowledge into energy healing; we might also be forgiven for thinking, it is all a bit “new age”, “far fetched” or “woo woo”. There are, however, many countries around the world; including the East; that have a very different perspective of this.

    If we delved into the fundamental principles, behind almost all forms of medicine & healing; the inextricable link would no doubt; be in aiming to bring about homeostasis (balance). Yet, the manner in which this is sought is often convoluted and far-reaching. Based upon the history; location & culture; or on what is perceived to be the “norm”. In the Western world, things may be starting to change. With avenues beginning to open up; allowing for a wider variety of medications and healing options to “breakthrough”. Even within the mainly prescriptive West, there has been an increase in the number of medical institutions & organisations; recommending holistic healing, to work alongside “traditional” medications.

  • crystal-therapy-surrey-london
    Energy Healing Inspiration

    Crystal Therapy

    The physicist Dr. Theresa Bullard in her “Mystery Teachings” Gaia TV documentary, enthuses that crystals, rather than just being pretty rocks, are one of the primeval sources of life activity on Earth. In her origin of life study, she cites these powerful gems as being one of the few living organisms around at the dawn of the time. She substantiates this by explaining more about their formation, in which she bases her theory.

    She explains that when forming, crystals take on the energy of the Earth during their creation. With each arrangement following the universal laws, of sacral geometry, creating an ordered form. Built around a series of ions, atoms, or molecules; the formation of the crystals, as in the rules of nature allows for a periodic repetition, which duplicates as it grows. Rather than blindly fabricating exact replicas, however, as in all of nature the construction of the crystal also allows for instances in which the repetitions become disrupted, or the patterns, move out of sync. Consequently affecting not just the shape, but their inherent energetic composition. Dr. Bullard explains, that it is within these natural interruptions; which could be also be termed as flaws; that the crystals become unique.   Based upon this individuality, Dr. Bullard cites them as being a primal factor within the history of the Earth’s life origin.

    Often used in conjunction with Reiki or as stand-alone “tools”. Crystals are a natural phenomenon, that can facilitate changes within an array of energetic realms. Helping (as the body, mind or crystal sees fit) to release, balance, or ground negative energies; or to uplift and inspire us into the realms of higher frequencies or levels of consciousness.

    Rather than finishing at this point, Dr. Bullard goes onto reflect on the similarities, with our own existence. Explaining that individually we take on board the universal entity that is life energy. Rather than evolving in a systematic manner, each crystal, rather like ourselves, has its own degree of uniqueness. Which is only gathered from their flaws, which, like our own, she asks us to celebrate and take on board.

    She encourages the audience, to explore these paradoxes of nature, and to look beyond their visual beauty. Inviting us to not just make contact, but to form acquaintances; in the hopes of stimulating a deeper level of consciousness. Bringing about the potential to resonate with life energy on a myriad of frequencies.

    For those of us that have studied crystal therapy, this will come as no surprise. If we look at our own structure as being part of nature and the “matrix” or “life energy” that surrounds us. It is no wonder then, that we are able to connect with crystals, in the same way, that the aether field connects all things. Crystals as magnificent natural phenomenons; offer us the chance to both connect and correspond; to tangible sources of life energy.

    Given the chance, these wonderful gems effortlessly transmute their inherent life source, into other forms of matter; unquestioningly. Just try steeping, or sitting them next to a glass of water, to experience this paradox of nature for yourself! This is a great way to not just understand, but to also taste; their inherent energetic frequencies. (Although, please research further into the different types of crystals; as not all crystals can be left in water). Another way to do this, is, of course, to take the crystal within (your non-dominant) hand & allow it resonate with your own for energetic frequency.

    This is awe-inspiring within itself. However, if we are to bear Dr. Bullard’s work in mind, rather than think of crystals, in terms of what they can give us; perhaps we should also consider their reciprocal effect. What might happen if we were to open up to them as well as them showing their power to us? Who knows what we could do, if we allow their very tangible form of life force energy to resonate into our consciousness and beyond….

    Whilst it would be a worthy use of time, to detail the different types of crystals and how we can use them for different means and reasons; there are many books that do just this. One of the most popular is probably the Crystal Bible, which is available from many good bookshops. The purpose of this article however is to highlight the inherent phenomena, within these beautiful structures and just how lucky we are to be able to connect to these palpable marvels of nature.

    If you would like to book a crystal therapy session, please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk for more details. If you would like more information on crystals; or crystal therapy, it might be worth checking out the forthcoming Video blog subscription for featured articles and holistic therapy resources for you and your fabulous pets.

  • Holistic Therapies


    “Healing is different from curing. Curing is the business of medicine & it involves eliminating symptoms; while healing is the crafting of a healthy lifestyle by eliminating the cause of suffering and disease & then creating a meaningful destiny. Ours is the practice of healing. Healing attends to the Soul and the Spirit”

    Alberto Villoldo

    Modalities such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Meditation, Reflexology, and Acupressure are just a few of the practices that fall within the realms, of holistic therapy. Although they differ, they share the same fundamental principle, in that, by creating a multi-layered dialogue, they seek to aid healing.

    As the definitions suggest, the therapies, rather than focusing on individual symptoms; take into account the many areas, that make up the whole.

    Holistic = Relates to parts of something that are intimately interconnected to the whole (Holistic = Medical capacity = The process rather than focusing on the symptoms of a disease, takes into account the mental and social factors.) Therapy = Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

    Based on this assumption, most of what we do, say, and feel could be thought of as a reflection. Everything from the food we eat to the exercise we take, to the people we meet; all form connections in some way. With this in mind, if we’re looking to promote good health & aid healing, it is obviously essential, to take the wider picture into account.

    In creating a reciprocal conversation the processes allow for a greater degree of synergy to take place. A good example of this can be seen in the way that the therapies are able to communicate with not just the physical, but the emotional and psychological realms too. In creating an all-encompassing series of networks, the processes used within holistic therapy have the ability to delve into a series of different realms. With the premise of not only dispersing the disparities within; but to also connect with the underlying aspect; or root cause.


    In being able to address the body holistically, the procedures used within the techniques, are often able to transcend from the every day, into something far beyond. The ability to open up and forge these connections, however is entirely based on the individual. The body & mind must feel comfortable and ready to allow these changes to happen. Most holistic therapies tap into the process called life energy. This universal embodiment allows for an internal and external dialogue to take place, not just within the body, but in the areas that surround us too. Life energy could also be thought of as “flow”. The theory behind life energy goes back many thousands of years and is still used today, within a wide range of aspects.

    There has been a lot of scientific research done over the years to further substantiate the phenomenon that is life force energy. The realms of Quantum physics or Quantum entanglement explain more about the science behind it, in particular.

    The elements of “flow” can be found in many forms. Such as, in the practice of Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Qigong to name but a few. It is also found, of course, within the various holistic therapies previously mentioned, such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy & Reiki, etc. Lifeforce energy when thought of in terms of the body, is said to connect within and without. It forms the auric field as well as permeating within the meridians, chakras & organ systems. When it is able to flow correctly, the body is more effective and able to accommodate the changes (or imbalances) that may occur. When there is a good level of flow, the body is able to more easily reach the levels of homeostasis (balance). Blockages, stagnant energies, as well as manifestations of stress, etc, are more likely to form when the body is at dis-ease. The formation of blocked “chi” or elements pertaining to the blockages of flow are mentioned in the film e-motion. The film documents how the effects, can surface in a multitude of ways; and can even perpetrate within the form of disease.

    “Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.”

    Eckhart Tolle

    In forging reciprocal connections, the techniques used within the varying holistic therapies, have the potential to break down or clear these imbalances, so that natural healing can occur. Once the “flow” is re-aligned, the way in which the processes develops becomes less about the symptoms & more about a personal journey. Regardless of the technique used, the desired outcome, the conclusions, and the manner in which it is orchestrated will fully depend on the individual. Which of course is all very holistic, in a roundabout way !

    More information on the holistic therapy services offered can be found on the buttons below, or within the blog section of the website.

    Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about wellness and holistic therapies in both a personal and animal capacity, then you might want to check out our online subscription. This fabulous resource is sure to point you in the right direction if you are looking to unearth more details on the phenomenon that is embodied within the field of energy healing. Packed with featured articles on the basis of healing within a holistic capacity; this no-nonsense guide, aims to pool together a wealth of knowledge, covering some of the latest ideas and sources of inspiration within the animal and personal health and well-being industry. Membership offers viewers the chance to watch animal and healing videos online; as well as gaining access to various types of holistic content from a variety of sources. What’s more, each action packed subscription will include a list of all highlighted areas so that the viewer has full transparency of the contents, prior to viewing the subscription. Check out the therapies online diary for further information on this action- packed resource, alternatively please send an email to mail@vickythompson.co.uk for more details.

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    Personal Reiki – 1-hour session – based in our Staines upon Thames based therapy room. Depending on the requirements the session can include additional elements such as sound healing, crystal therapy or hand reflexology or as a stand-alone treatment= £30.00

    Holistic Therapy – 1-hour session – based in our Staines upon Thames based therapy room. Depending on the requirements the session can include additional elements such as sound healing or crystal therapy = £30.00

    Canine Reiki – 1-hour session – based in our Staines upon Thames based therapy room. Depending on the requirements of the owner or the pet; the session can be tailored to include additional elements such as sound healing, crystal therapy or can be as a stand-alone treatment= £30.00

    Equine Reiki – Individual 1 hour session – Depending on the requirements of the owner or the pet; the session can be tailored to include additional elements such as sound healing, crystal therapy or can be as a stand-alone treatment= £30.00 – Site visit travel fees charged at £1 per mile. For more details please get in touch.

    Equine Reiki – Block Session – Includes 3 treatments and Complimentary Introductory Visit. Each session will last 1-hour session – and depending on the requirements of the owner or the pet; the session can be tailored to include additional elements such as sound healing, crystal therapy or can be as a stand-alone treatment= £90.00 – Introductory offer – Site visit travel fees – free of charge based on the tri- session introductory offer. For more details please get in touch.

    Equine Reiki – Block Session – Includes 3 treatments. Depending on the requirements of the owner or the pet; the session can be tailored to include additional elements such as sound healing, crystal therapy, or can be as a stand alone treatment= £90.00 Site visit travel fees – free of charge based on the tri- session introductory offer. For more details please get in touch.

    Equine Touch – Fascia Massage – Client Case Study Training Sessions – Based on 3 site visits and an introductory meet and greet. Each session will be fully documented and filmed. Sessions available within London and the M25 surrounding regions. Training based – Free of charge. For more details please get in touch.

    Subscription – Energy Healing – Animal-Based Holistic Therapy online subscription. The resource will include a wide variety of content; that ranges from live video sessions too featured articles, tips, and interviews. Focusing on health and well being for you and your pet. This fully documented subscription is available to view at regular intervals online. Price per subscription – £20.00 – Annual subscription also available – £70.00

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  • About Animal Therapies

    “All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain”

    Maura Cummings

    Historically traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been used for many thousands of years. A big part of the philosophy is the belief that all bodily functions are dependent on life force energy a.k.a. “chi”, (ki or prana). Chi, prana, ki, whatever we call this beautiful energetic flow; works through the movement of the blood to connect with, and nourish the meridian pathways to help the body to function properly. Chinese medicine (TCM) works on the belief that each part, makes up the whole. Nothing works independently. When the body is in homeostasis (balance) everything is integrated, so that each part functions in harmony with the other.

    If and when an imbalance occurs, however, the sequence alters, resulting in other changes happening, in a consequential manner. If the body becomes injured, or faces a trauma or is in any way at dis-ease; the flow of energy (or chi) often becomes blocked. Impinging upon the body, enabling symptoms (or disease) to likely appear.

    “This lifeforce is the energy that pervades the universe at all levels. Vibrating energies. All vibrating energies are prana. All physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism, and electricity are also prana. It is the hidden or potential energy in all beings.”

    India Times

    Blockages within the meridian and therefore discrepancies within the chi can be caused by many things. External influences such as a physical injury, the environment (ie dampness, excessive cold, wind or dryness); as well as mental stress, trauma, or emotional pain (for exp. anger, sadness, fear, stress, or depression) can all create an effect on the body. To be able to prevent the effects of blocked chi or blockages within the meridians, it bears to reason then, that we should take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening; before the problems escalate. If however, the symptoms have already surfaced; then it seems that we should also aim to find the root cause, if we are to make any real impact.

    Trying to uncover the underlying cause, might sound doable if we look at the body on a physical level, but, what happens if we need to unravel potential emotional or psychological concerns? Is this still something that we can easily address? It might be difficult to delve into our own thoughts and feelings, to help to release potentially repressed emotions; what do we do, however, when it comes to animals?

    In 2012, a prominent group of scientists created what we now know as the Cambridge Declaration of Independence. The treaty was the result of many hours of exploration and scientific research by many esteemed scientists, researchers, and those within the medical field. It signified a joint consensus, stating that many animals (including not just vertebrates, but also many invertebrates) are conscious, sentient beings. Meaning, that they have mental states that allow them to experience the effects of things happening to them. Consciousness in other words. It confirmed to the world, that animals are able to feel the effects of behaviours in either a positive or negative manner. The declaration itself states:


    “Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors. Consequently, the weight of evidence indicates that humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness. Nonhuman animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also possess these neurological substrates.”


    Bearing this in mind, it seems imperative, therefore, to not only address areas of our own discomfort or imbalance, but to also consider the needs of our pets & animals. When confronting symptoms of a physical injury or trauma, for example, we generally, look for advice from those within the medical field. Emotional or psychological trauma, however, is much harder to identify as is often more obscure.

    This can be especially difficult when dealing with animals. When looking at physical pain, dogs for example, as predators (like us), will generally react to or pull away from physical pain. In doing so, this makes it easier to gauge or to locate potential areas of discomfort.

    Horses, however, as a herd animal, will naturally try to hide any pain or impairment.  Unlike humans, dogs, or other predators that inherently pull away from areas of discomfort, horses draw into it. This can make it hard to notice that they are in distress, let alone pain. Instead of drawing attention to the areas that are causing concern, horses will try their best to deflect the pain or discomfort, as this is, in their best interests as a herd animal.

    This might be difficult within a physical capacity, but if we are to trying to address emotional or psychological distress, however, this is another story. If we are seeking to resume the body’s natural flow and to gain homeostasis then we should address the system as a whole.

    To be able to detect physical injuries or sensitivities for example; we might need to look closer into the horse’s body language, gait, posture, or conformation. Differences in temperature or tension might also allow us further insight. But in order, to take on board the possibilities of emotional or psychological areas of discomfort; we must seek to look at the wider picture. External clues; such as shifts in social, training, behavioural patterns, as well as the day to day aspects of their life; are important factors that can allow us to unravel disparities or areas of distress. It is probably safe to say that all of the above cues, will help in one way or another. However, we should also bear in mind; how the body reacts when facing heightened levels of stress.

    When an animal (or a person) experiences emotional or psychological trauma, the intensity of the emotions, will leave a strong impression (or memory) within the brain. The body will also feel an impact. A result of this dis-ease could even see changes happening at a cellular level. Altering the organization of the cell’s enzymes, causing a shift to happen within the nucleus.

    Animals are much better than us, in letting go of emotions. For the most part, once experiencing something that triggers the flight or fight response; animals will generally go back to neutral within 15 minutes (as the body is designed to do). When a traumatic episode is encountered, however, or when the body is forced to live within the confines of chronic stress, the body tends to hold onto these traumas (as a survival mechanism (just case they are needed to be referred to at another time). Rather than being released, they remain locked within the system.

    In the film “E-Motion” these trapped feelings and actions (emotions) are referred to on a physical level. Rather than being something that happens within our emotions or mind; they form and become matter; which can mutate or grow in size. Consequently, this matter will often show up in the body in the form of physical pain, tension, stiffness, anxiety. They can even form “trigger” points that might surface; elsewhere in the body. Depression is often a symptom of emotional trauma; disassociation; often a consequence of chronic pain. The impact of emotional distress and trauma is not just something that affects us as humans; it is also something that resonates, in almost the exact the same way, within our animal friends.

    To be able to help the body reach homeostasis. To seek out the imbalances and address these areas of concern; we will in no doubt need, as many tools as we can within our toolbox of life. Energy medicine and holistic healing are one of the oldest forms of medicine. The techniques although gentle in their approach; have helped many to not just “heal” symptoms, but to re-address many levels of discomfort or distress.

    “As a true empath, Vicki has a natural affinity with animals and nature. Through her studies, Vicki has learned how to hone her natural healing abilities to bring about very deep and powerful healings on a multi-dimensional level. She is a remarkable healer, a wonderful person and a beautiful soul.”

    Marian Ryan, teacher and therapist

    Despite all this, holistic therapy is not a magic pill. It will often need more than one session to be able to gain (even the slightest incline of “healing” or) understanding. (As a general rule of thumb, the deeper the issue, the more sessions it will take to be able to peel back, the layers of discord.) Although it may not offer a quick “solution”; holistic therapy and energy healing; given the chance, however, might enable the body to not just locate, but to address the root cause.

    The animal therapy services offered are done so, on a personalized basis. Various energetic tools are used within the sessions; these include the techniques of Animal Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy and Equine Touch Fascia Massage. To begin the process, an initial introduction can be provided if required. This session will allow your horse or dog; the chance to be introduced properly as part of a consensual process. Once the introductory session has been completed, the remaining tri-sessions are arranged according to you or your pets requirements. If you do not want to take up the complimentary introduction offer, individual sessions can also be arranged if preferred. Prices for the sessions can be found on our price list page. The majority of areas are covered inside and outside of the M25 area of London, as well as the surrounding counties. Although please do check for more details. Please send an email to mail@vickythompson.co.uk for more information; to arrange an introductory session or create an individual booking.

  • Animal Reiki Sessions


    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with all the heart”

    Helen Keller

    Reiki is an energetic practice that is used as an alternative therapy to treat physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease. Although it was founded by a Japanese Buddhist monk, called Dr. Mikao Usui, the origins used within the practice go back many thousands of years.
    Reiki is made up of two words “Rei” (which translates as the wisdom of the higher power) and “Ki” (life force energy). The importance of “Ki” is discussed in more detail on the Animal therapies page, but it is safe to say that “Ki” or “chi” is a prerequisite used throughout the body; to cultivate enhanced levels of homeostasis (balance).

    Free-flowing “Ki”, rather than stagnant, or blocked “Ki”, is an essential factor required to enable the physical, psychological and emotional realms of the body to work in equilibrium. Morihei Ueshiba a martial artist and founder of the martial art of Aikido explains that “Ki is the energy which harmonizes all things”.

    Reiki is a gentle yet powerful approach, that has the potential to assist with the body’s natural ability to heal. Available as a standalone procedure or with other energetic healing “tools”, such as crystal therapy, sound healing, and equine massage depending on your (or your pets) requirements.

    Reiki could be described as a means of communication, a language that speaks to the unrestrained life force energy within and outside of us. In this way, Reiki is able to connect on a variety of levels to invite harmony and induce natural healing. By working in this holistic manner, Reiki seeks to take into account, the wider aspects of our outer and inner self. In doing so, the practice seeks to not just address the respective symptoms caused by the distress but also attempts to uncover the root cause. The technique, or the manner in which the process unfurls, is highly representative of the areas that are ready and willing for change to happen. The idiosyncratic manner in which this unwinds is entirely personal. Rather like curling back a spring, or peeling an onion, the layers of discord are revealed piece by piece; in accordance with the individual & their body’s pace and flow. The physical aspects of the body & the sensitivities of the mind allow us to each resonate in different ways; as and when; the body (and mind) sees fit.

    Whether Reiki is performed on a personal level or with animals, the principles are the same. To be able to work on a consensual basis, the “client” must take an active part in the process. They must not only provide consent, they must become part of the process in order for it to be able to connect on a cellular level. As Dr. Candice Pert states “Your mind is in every cell of your body”.

    “Vicky has done reiki sessions with several of my horses, and I have always found her to be an extremely compassionate and caring individual. She connects deeply with the horses and most recently she helped two young horses who were going through a potentially stressful time – one was at a new yard to be started, and the other has had a tendency to suffer with separation anxiety. The one who was being started took to this new stage of life much better than I could have dreamed of, and her confidence and calmness I believe was in large part due to Vicky’s wonderful support work in the background. The one at home stayed positive and cheerful despite her horsey friend not being there – though there will be a joyful reunion when they are back together! Thank you Vicky”

    B. Littlemore May 20
    Horse owner – equine professional

    Site visits are provided (within the counties surround London) to allow our equine friends, the assurance of being able to experience Reiki, from the comfort of their yard. Canines can come to the therapy room, or visits can be booked at their own premises (within the local area) if preferred.

    Bookings may be taken in accordance with the discussed session plan or can be booked individually if required. Prices for the different types of bookings can be found on the price list page. Sessions will be undertaken within London and the M25; as well as the surrounding counties. For more information or to arrange a booking, please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk or call 07427 438 406 for more details.

    “Blue has seemed a lot brighter since your visit…    We took him to visit an elderly lady on Wednesday and he was super cheeky so we hope that it was your treatments that benefited him”  

    Manager – Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society

    If you would like to find out more about Animal Reiki then you might be interested in our monthly subscription. Featuring a range real- life video therapy diaries, Reiki articles as well as more information on other energy healing practices & forms of wellness for yourself or your pet, this fabulous resource, could be just what you need if you are looking to extend your holistic therapy knowledge or view some of the sessions, happening within real life. Highlighting a range of energy healing and holistic therapy ideas, principles, and case studies, this informative, action-packed resource is sure to tick all the boxes, to help you and your ever-loving pet’s holistic wellness needs.

  • Personal Reiki Sessions


    Energy healing is based on the supposition that illness results from disturbances in the body’s energies and energy fields & can be addressed via interventions into those energies and energy fields.

    Jed Diamond

    When we are feeling out of balance, our body often gives us signs telling us that something is not right. The old adage “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream” sums this up pretty well. So what happens if we start to feel unwell?… If we start to notice that things are not running as smoothly as before; or if we start to get aches or pains; stiffness, sore joints; begin to feel low; insomnia; the list could go on and on… If your body is beginning to show physical signs of distress; if you have been diagnosed with an illness or are just not feeling right, on a physical, psychological or emotional level; what options do you have?

    Energy healing is a gentle process that can help the body to re-address areas of discomfort or dis-ease. The underlying principle behind all energy healing, regardless of the specific technique, is that it allows the body to locate areas of discord or in-balance, in order to activate its ability to heal from within.

    Energy healing is as personal as it is powerful; with the pace & direction of the journey being based on the needs of the individual, rather than, a predetermined structure. The sessions are tailored to suit the clients’ needs & in doing so, become a two-way conversation. Unfurling naturally in reflection to the personal journey within. Although no guarantees can be offered, Panache Desai personifies energy healing by saying “Life opens up in so many ways when your energy has been awakened”.


    “Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are”

    Rachel Naomi Remen

    It is safe to say that complimentary and additional therapies are widely recommended by many medical professionals. They are generally considered safe to use; as they offer no contraindications and are suitable for a wide section of society. However, if this is something that you are considering, it is always best to seek medical guidance from your local GP prior to beginning the sessions. If you would like to book one of the personal healing sessions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Based in Staines upon Thames, close to Surrey / Heathrow, the treatment room is generally available to pre-book between 10 – 4pm daily. More information on the session format – can be found on the Session Guidance Link below.

    ” the process felt really peaceful, so much so I was able to recognise the sensitive areas of my body. I didn’t want to move at the end of the session. Now I understand why people do this kind of thing … “

    C. Thomas London Jan 20

  • Holistic Therapies Online Diary

    If you would like more information on holistic animal therapy, then perhaps you might be interested in our holistic therapies video diary subscription.

    The journal will include a wealth of articles relating to holistic animal healing. Together with real life accounts on some of our featured animals.

    The diary will include information relating to the individual therapies as well as live videos to enable you to see first hand, how the therapies work, so that you are able to gauge more about the experience from the comfort of your own home.

    Showcasing a wealth of information, helpful tips and useful resources, the facility helps to document some of the current animal healing and holistic therapies in use today. The diaries have been put together to allow you to see for yourself how, fly on the wall, documented holistic therapies work with various fields.

    The subscription will also provide members with the chance to experience exclusive interviews, first hand documents as well as theory information and advice from your favourite speakers / healers and therapists.

    Featuring a host of inspirational quotes, ideas, links and resources; the content will endeavour to provide well versed articles on everything from chi and life force energy, to equine nutrition, animal communication and everything in between.

    With a focus on the scientific detailing, yet outlined in a easy to read format, this online hub will allow you to seek out new discoveries, with the aim of wetting your appetite so that you are able to embark on a more detailed journey if required.

    Featured documents will include details on Animal Reiki, Equine Touch Fascia Massage, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Life Force Energy as well as many more new and additional areas of interest. Each easy to use online resource will be detailed prior to download, to ensure the view complete satisfaction.

    This easy to use online facility, will allow the viewer the chance to connect with a wide array of interesting features and well documented subject areas within a holistic therapy background.

    In being able to view the animals within context the hope is that you will be able to take this information on board to help you with your own animal healing journey.

    Apart from viewing a wide variety of animal healing therapies taking place, the subscription will also enable you to access featured articles on energy healing, life force energy as well as insights to a range of personal healing techniques.

    Action packed with photos, videos and featured case study examples; this warm and friendly, light-hearted, (yet scientifically based) animal healing and energetic health subscription, could be all you need to meet your natural well-being needs.

    In the interests of being able to see for yourself, the results of various types of animal therapy / animal healing principles; specific animal healing journeys will be featured and documented to enable you, the viewer, the chance to gauge the effects.

    This members only resource, will focus on health and wellness for your own needs, together with those of your ever loving pets.

    The subscriptions are available to book online with the next available date coming up in the fall. The subscription will show a detailed list of included content, prior to confirmation, in order to enable users to choose suitable subscriptions /areas of interest. Once subscribed, members will be allowed to have full online access to the video diaries, members articles and featured links. For more information on the price list or to find out more details on the membership features. Please contact mail@vickythompson.co.uk